Stronger Together 

...because together we have it all!

Getting Started

Joining the program is easy. Call to book an intake appointment or to get more information from a family success coach. Then we get to know your family and you (Parents and caregivers) identify your needs and goals. Together we develop a plan to help your family grow stronger and become healthier. Our plan includes weekly home visits, ASQ screening, parent-child activity groups and ongoing family support services. Services delivered improve family skills, child development, social connections, and access to resources. Scheduling is flexible to suit any family. 

Family Success

Coaches Provide: 

  • Weekly home visitation  services that include lessons and activities.

  • One-on-one and group workshops and training in family life skills, parenting, child development, healthy relationships and healthy.  

  • Parent-child groups

  • Child development, family violence and family needs assessment. 

  • access to ongoing support and resources.

  • Access to Good Food Box and free children(s) clothing and supplies.

  • Child development toolkit

  • Personalized strategies build families resiliency, strength, and togetherness. 

  • Certificate programs: 

  1. Triple P Parenting ​

  2. Active Parenting

  3. Developmental Parenting 

Family Nights 

​Family night is a bi-monthly activity group provided for stronger Together parents/caregivers and children. Both adults and children participate in group activities, mini workshops and prepare and share a meal together. The evening is a fun family activity for Stronger Together families to learn, share and grow. 



Program Goals 

Access to Basic Needs Supports and Resources

Family Life Skills

Health and Resilience

Healthy Family and Social Connections 

Enhanced Parenting Skills and Child Development 

Child Development and Behavioral Improvement


Toy & Resource Library 


Families can also access the CRC Toy and Resource Library by purchasing an annual $10 membership. The toy and resource library will help you keep up with your child's rapidly changing developmental needs and access up to date parent resource materials. Libraries are available High Prairie, Sunset House, Kinuso, McLennan and soon in Grouard. Toys, resources and breast pumps are lent out for 2 weeks and families can borrow up to four items per visit. Belonging to the library can save families money and is helpful for all caregivers.


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Family Coaches


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