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Benefits of Home Visitation Services

  • Cultivate nurturing and responsive parent-child relationships.

  • Promote healthy childhood growth and development.

  • Build skills and the foundations for strong family functioning.

  • Access to information and support from a qualified professional with linkages to community resources.


Stronger Together 

...because together we have it all!

Caregiver Support Specialist


  • Weekly home visitation  services that include lessons and activities.

  • One-on-one and group workshops and training in family life skills, parenting, child development, healthy relationships and healthy.  

  • Parent-child groups.

  • Child development, addictions resources, family violence prevention and family needs assessment. 

  • Access to ongoing support and resources.

  • Access to Good Food Box and free children(s) clothing and supplies.

  • Child development toolkits

  • Personalized strategies build families resiliency, strength, and togetherness. 

  • Caregiver Certificate programs:  Triple P Parenting, Active Parenting

Homework Help


Program Goals 

Access to Basic Needs Supports and Resources

Family Life Skills

Health and Resilience

Healthy Family and Social Connections 

Enhanced Parenting Skills and Child Development 

Child Development and Behavioral Improvement











Family Nights 

​Family night offers an evening of family activities and mini-information sessions provided for Stronger Together families and children. It's an evening of sharing, learning and families participate in making a meal for everyone to share.









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Caregiver Support Specialists

Phone- 1-866-218-6859
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