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Healthy child development, nutrition, mental health, resiliency, child safety and healthy living programs for young children (0-6 years) and their families. 

Core Services  



- Information and referral services.

- Home visitation and personal family support services.

- Nutrition and basic needs support.

- Parent education workshops, training and presentations.

- Parent-child play and learn groups.

- Community engagement events, networking and partnerships



In-home Support Services

Offer one-on-one family support, parenting skills, resiliency, relationship building strategies and positive child development strategies all in the comfort of your home! One - on -one services can also be delivered privately at the Children's Centre or at any of our outreach sites.

Nutritional Supports

Families in need may be eligible to receive monthly fresh food hampers of fruit and vegetables. Children (1-5 years of age) may be eligible to receive multivitamin supplements if required.

Connections to Community Resources

Information and referral - Brighter Futures can connect you to community services and health professionals. We provide assistance in supporting basic needs when required.


Home Safety, Meal Planning and Food Storage, Child Brain Injury Prevention, Understanding Child Anger, Substance Use and Abuse, Family Violence Prevention and Age-appropriate Play and so much more!


Healthy Kids

Parent-child learning through play groups that feature physical activity and fitness, nutrition and kids cooking (little chefs), promote mental health and safety, improve emotional wellbeing and early childhood resiliency.

Summer Splash

An aquatic parent-child learning through play program that improves fitness and social development. Families must have a valid CRC membership and pre-register.

Let's Get Cooking

A cooking and nutrition program that provides training in food budgeting, meal planning, preparation and food storage. The goal of this monthly program is to teach families how to prepare and cook a low cost and nutritious meal.

Nobody's Perfect

Learn about your child’s feelings, behaviours, body, and safety as well as sharing what it is like to be a parent. Sessions are based on what you and other parents and caregivers want to learn about, not step by step from a book.  This is an informative discussion group for caregivers and parents.

Active Parenting

A four session parent education program that emphasizes nonviolent discipline, mutual respect and open communication. It provides real strategies for parents and caregivers to improve parenting practices, improve child behavior and development, and build healthier relationships in the home.


A ten session program for children ages 3-6 years who may or have experienced loss in their family and are in need of developing appropriate coping mechanisms for grief and trauma. Children learn and work through the grief process to enable them to cope with stress of divorce, separation or loss and learn to build trusting relationships with peers, teddy bears and healthy adults. Sunbeam’s is the gateway program to Rainbows which is designed for older children and further builds emotional capacity.

Taming The Dragon

Early childhood development program designed to improve the social and emotional development of children 4-6 years of age. The program helps children to understand feelings and emotions, as well as identify and utilize appropriate responses to their feelings. The program helps children discover: happy, sad/lonely, afraid, curious, angry and sorry. It builds emotional capacity, empathy and resiliency.

Contact Information
Early Childhood Health and Caregiver Support Specialists 

    Phone- 1-866-218-6859

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