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Brighter Futures Next Steps 

A program for parents and caregivers of children and youth ages 0-18 who are interested in increasing their skills,
knowledge and understanding of child development and well-being.


Program Elements

• Building Caregiver/Parental capacity and knowledge of healthy child/youth (0-18 years) development and behaviour, healthy attachment and relationships, positive parenting practices and family life skills.
• Building positive social and mental health including opportunities for social supports and for building parental self-efficacy; and family abuse prevention strategies.
• Linking and referral to other resources, caregiver networks, community-level programs or services.
• Supporting constructive parent-child/youth interaction and healthy child/youth
• Provision and access to culturally-appropriate programming and services.
• Flexibility in program delivery using varied approaches (i.e., group sessions, drop-ins,
individual sessions, online classrooms / network sessions) and a range of expertise (i.e.,professional, lay supports, peers).


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What We Offer

• Information and referral.
• Family support and resource services.
• Parent/caregiver education workshops, presentations and individualized sessions.
• Parent-child/youth engagement and learning groups.
• Community engagement events, networking and partnerships.  

Workshops, Training Sessions, & Presentations

Triple P, Active Parenting, Nobody’s Perfect,
Rainbows, Handle with Care, Healthy Youth Relationships, Brain Development, Response Ability Pathways, Rainbows and more!

Parent- Child Play & Learn Sessions

Learning through play is benefitcial for both caregivers and children.  Children develop in all five development areas and parents / caregivers developpositive parenting practices.  Together healthy relationships and attachments are built with each session.

Parent Education Specialist

Phone- 1-866-218-6859

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