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Current Programs We Offer

Play & Learn

This Program is for the younger group! Children ages 0-6 and their parent/guardian can come in and play, learn, and grow together. We provide toys, crafts, books, and snacks. This program also allows the parents and children to socialize with others in a calm and safe environment.

baby & me

New Parents can come in and enjoy a few hours out of the house with their littles. We offer postnatal education, and support services too. As always we provide age appropriate snacks and toys. 

Teen Group is for kids ages 12-17. This program aims for teens to have a safe place to experience healthy social and emotional development. The kids do activities while discussing topics that can help improve their social and emotional well being.

Lets get cooking!

Let's Get Cooking is a program designed for the parents and/or guardians. They come in and learn how to cook new recipes, healthy meal planning, food safety and budgeting.

Teen group

Play & Learn

Play and Learn is offered in twice a week in High Prairie, and once a week in McLennan. 

Baby & Me

Baby & Me is offered in High Prairie, and East Prairie. Both once a week right now. 

Teen Group

Teen Group is ONLY offered in Slave Lake. 

Lets Get Cooking

Lets Get Cooking Program is only offered in High Prairie. 

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