Family and Community Health, Safety and Support Program

(serving families with children 6-17)

Brighter Futures Next Steps 


Program Priorities and Services

Promotion of the Health and development of children. 

Promotion of nutrition, physical activity and healthy weights.

Supporting healthy relationships and the positive parenting practices. 

Promotion of positive mental health including self-esteem, resiliency and opportunities for social supports. 

Promotion of child injury and violence prevention strategies. 

Provide services for the County of Big Lakes and MD of Smoky River.

Conditions of Risk for Child and Family:


     Low Socio-Economic Status

 low income; inadequate housing; insecure employment; food insecurity and low education. 

     Social Isolation

lack of supporting relationships, new to community, diverse population, unhealthy attraction media, identity issues, violence and cyber bullying. 

     child experiencing

Developmental delays, health issues or social, emotional, or behavioral problems. 

Workshops, Training Sessions, & Presentations

Check out our calendar for upcoming workshops and training opportunities! 

Personal / Home Visits 


Free support and training services for families facing conditions of risk. Offered in-home or at our modular facility 4709-50 Avenue. 

What We Offer

Information and referral. 


Child, family, and community workshops, training and presentations. 


Family and child groups.


Personal and home visitation. 

Community egagement events, networking opportunities and partnerships.  

Bright Futures Group

Child/Youth (7-17 years) after school groups for those facing conditions of risk. This Program is registered by referral only and is offered on Tuesdays  and Thursdays from 3:30pm - 5:00pm. Bright Futures Group participates in Rec Board PD Camps and Community Events, and has lunch time groups at Prairie River Junior High and Prairie View Outreach School. 

Bright Futures Family Night - 

Program Coordinators